Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 Travel Trends

With TV tourism on the rise, people are looking for road trips and destinations they've never seen before other than on TV! They grab the essentials and they go off on their journey.

That being said people are also spending more on vacationing than ever before! We are looking at an additional 69% increase over what people were spending on vacationing just a few years ago. People are realizing feelings they've never had before by traveling to new places and seeing unfamiliar things. It's a very addictive and excitingfeeling that people have never had before and they crave it more and more and more.

Millennial's are the highest spenders in years. They're seeking thrills and pushing limits that have never had before. It's not just a basic or inclusive Caribbean vacation, they're going to places like Australia, Singapore, Europe, Africa, Malaysia, you name it they're going!

Aside from destinations and age groups, people are going solo!  It doesn't matter what the age, but 17% of people are planning to travel solo for the first time this year. This is a large swing on solo travelers.

And then there's cruising. It continues to be a trend for an easy holiday to take people on a perfect stress free family vacation that they can collapse by the pool and everything is taken care of for them.

Accommodations. This is the biggest change in a long time. People are paying more for Wi-Fi. They're working for reliable, fast, free. And while Prostrations have sure the people didn't care as much about Wi-Fi, more people are working well taking longer vacation. It's kind of a thing in trouble now work for two hours in the morning, take a excursion, hit the pool after lunch, and enjoy a lot of things that people were never able to do for such a long period of time before.

Air-conditioning. 69% of people will purchase a place with air-conditioning over a place with out when visiting hot or tropical climate. They want comfort. The kind of comfort they find a home and the kind of comfort that they expect when they pay good money to stay at an expensive place.

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