Friday, June 10, 2016

Travel Trends and The Younger Generation

The hottest new trends in travel revolve around the youngest age group with disposable income, the melinnials! 

What does that mean? It means a few things. First, it means melinnials are spending more money on traveling than on the things generations before them didn't. They aren't buying homes, cars and appliances. They're buying vacations. 

Second, they're not buying bare bones budget trips. They're buying tours. And the generation that's the most tech savvy is not purchasing online, they're using travel agents.

Third, they like the perks! Tours with meals and all the excitement you can order. They want as inclusive as they can get. They want to see it all! It's no wonder, chances are threat they may never get to do it again.

Fourth, they're having fun!  Who doesn't want that carefree vacation with English speaking cheuffers, tour guides and top rated accommodations.

I think everyone could take a tip fromthe mellinnials and see their travel agent and spend a little more on vacations and a little less on all the other of life's wants.

However you do it, do it your way, because you may never get the opportunity to do it again.  Life is too short, live it your way!

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