Saturday, May 14, 2016

Motion Sickness

I was 31 years old when I first got motion sickness.  It was a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C. in the summertime.  It was a cocktail of planes, trains and automobiles and it left me a bit queezy!  I never wanted to feel like that again.  Then on a plane from Puerto Vallarta, MX to Houston, TX it happened.   I puked on an airplane!  I puked and I get the point.  Dramamine!  I always keep it in my "emergeny medical" bag in my carry-on.  As soon as we landed and I could see straight, I hit up Taco Bell and the Dramamine!  It was quite possibly the best taco on the planet at that moment.  By the time I landed in St. Louis I was sure I'd never fly again!

Fast forward 3 weeks, my lovely wants to take me to the Dominican Republic for a long weekend.  So, a quick call to the clinic and my motion sickness patches were ready for pick-up just in time to head to St. Louis for our early flight the next morning.  I put it on before bed since I wouldn't have 3 hours between waking and take-off.  I woke up high as a kite!  I would call it the best recreational drug I've ever had....but, it wasn't for recreation.  I was getting on a plane in 2 hours.  I felt great....until the patch fell off later that day!  Then it started, the withdrawl.  It was worse than the motion sickness! It was a solid 24 hours before I felt better.  Then we had a day excursion, then time to go home.  I enjoyed the sunshine and sand on Bavaro Beach, but it was way too short. 

So, in talk to traveling to Hawaii with my kids on a 10 hour flight, plus a 30 minute flight, plus a 13 hour flight, off to the clinic I trekked.  Now a drug cocktail to go with the motion cocktail.  One for queeziness, one for vomiting.  Anyone who gets motion sickness knows the amount of dehydration you experience.  And anyone who has taken long flights knows that dehydration.  Double bad!

I'll give you an update on the motion sickness cocktail after I travel.

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