Sunday, January 12, 2014

Iceland: A Hidden Gem in The North

I would have never guessed Iceland to be so amazingly beautiful!  My brother, Chris was stationed in Keflavik and my grandma and I went to visit.....for 10 days!  Now, first, if you've never seen a glacier, you should go.  Second, if you've never seen a waterfall, you should also go.  And third, realize it's nothing like anything you would or could ever imagine.

What did I discover about Iceland?

1. It's cold, but pretty.  I'm talking not just pretty, but beautiful!  Glaciers, waterfalls, shipyards, lighthouses, Icelandic Ponies and cute little cottages make this great little country something really cool to look at.

2. They heat their homes with geothermal and there are hot water pipes running all over.

3. The Blue Lagoon - the world's top spa is located in this wonderful country and located in Grindavik.  It's a beautiful and amazing.  I would go back to Iceland just to visit The Blue Lagoon.

4. It gets light out for almost 24 hours a day in the summer.  Although it gets light for so many hours, it's surprisingly cold and windy!  And, on the contrary, gets dark out for almost 24 hours a day during the winter.  If you want to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, head to Iceland.  The lights are truly a sight to be seen (so I hear).

5.  The people are unique.  Very unique.  Education isn't so much valued in the country.  It was almost like stepping back into the 50's when interacting the people in Iceland.  And, the Icelandic language sounds very different from what I thought it would.

6. The food is not a cuisine I would brag about having tried.  I'll try anything once, but when I was told "don't eat that" for some reason I listened.  Sheep brains, dried fish and eyeballs are NOT on my to eat list.  I highly recommend sticking to a good Chinese restaurant and the Hard Rock Cafe.

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