Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 Tips For Making Time For Family Time

It's hard to make time for quality time with the kids and the hubby....I know.  I used to see working from home as the best of both worlds.  But, just because I'm present doesn't mean I'm spending time with my kids.  It took me a while to figure that out.  So, family time is what you make of it.  When I'm stuck in a writing rut, I step back from my computer and go spend time with my kids.  It gets the creativity flowing, it gives me quality time with my kids and it makes me feel better.

We have some household rules now....
1. No technology at the dinner table.
2. 30 minutes of strictly kid play every morning and afternoon
3. Restrict tv time; 1 hour for the kids morning and afternoon and 1 hour for the hubby and I in the evening.
4. Restrict social media to a minimum.  I check it out morning and evening and make posts from my phone when need be.  That way I'm not getting sucked in making posts and then looking at what's going on during the day.
5. Dog Time: We have a dog, Lola.  She's a wonderful, lazy, mastiff/St. Bernard mix.  She needs love too.  So, we set aside time for Lola, even if we're go, go, go that day.
6. Dinner time is family time.  I know it gets messier, but it's a lot more fun with little helpers and big helpers.  My husband helps out too and clean-up goes quicker also.  It makes dinner not such a chore and the kids love it.

Get creative.  You'll be shocked how many things you can do as a family instead of alone!
What are some ways you connect with your family?

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